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Ate here two days running, it was THAT good. It was hard to understand the choices at first, but the people were very helpful. I got the Spicy Tuna 2 scoop on rice/broccoli mix. It was delicious and a ton of food - the 3 scoop would have been too much.



So happy to find some good poke nearby that has quite a variety of toppings. It’s nice to find a quick and healthy option where you can either build your own poke bowl or pick a signature bowl. I tried the Sweet Tuna and Crab & Shrimp bowl. The Sweet Tuna has coconut flakes on it and a lighter sauce which gave it a more summery and light vibe. The Crab & Shrimp bowl was saucier which I liked with a kick of spice. Love the cuztomizable options.

Medium bowls are a great and filling size for $12. Quick and friendly service with fresh food. Will be back!

Malia K.


This is very close to my job and I love it! I get a custom order because when I first tried it, I got the bowl combos. I usually get the kale or mixed greens with the brown rice. You can also mix your fish, so I enjoy the spicy tuna and crab & shrimp salad. You have your choice of two sauces; I usually get the spicy aioli and the yukke. It makes it sweet and spicy. You have a choice of crunchy stuff, so the crunchy garlic and spicy stuff (I don’t know the real term) is what I get. I usually don’t get a drink but one time I got a free drink and decided to get the charcoal sweet tea. It’s different, it’s sweet but has a hint of charcoal taste. Why would you drink this? Charcoal is supposed to be good for you and help get rid of toxins in your body. Now this place is Hawaiian so it won’t be like the Poke from Asia. My only gripe is that I wish the scoops of fish was bigger and that they did over-the-phone orders.

Lauren S.


We were just looking for something different and we went in on a whim.  We were so pleased with what we got!  The restaurant was clean and the staff was very pleasant and helpful.  The quality of the food was great -- fresh and very delicious.  We both got tuna (spicy and regular) and I had the two spiciest sauces, both delicious.  We both had their infused water and it was the perfect compliment to the meal and a hot day.  Very pleased and we will be back!

Belinda L.


Over the past few years, I have seen more and more poke places pop up around the Atlanta area, and I've tried quite a few of them so far but Sweet Tuna is currently my favorite.  It's semi-new, located in the Perimeter Place shopping area, close to Super Target.

If you've never had a poke bowl before, it's marinated raw fish tossed with rice, vegetables, and sauces. Most poke places are set up similar to Chipotle -- you pick a bowl size and fill it up.  You start off with the base with some of the current options being carrot rice, brown rice, greens, etc.  Then you choose your protein (e.g. raw salmon and tuna), a variety of different vegetables, sauces, and additional garnish at the top.  Depending on the bowl size you choose will determine on how many choices you get from each section (base, protein, vegetable, sauce, garnish).  To give some perspective, a small bowl will give you two scoops of protein and a large bowl will give you three scoops of protein.  After you go through the bar line through each section to create your bowl, you're done!  Super quick and easy and fun to make.

I personally really like Sweet Tuna because I think they have really fresh ingredients, a good selection, and they give generous scoops of protein than most poke placed I've been to.  If you've never tried a poke bowl, Sweet Tuna would be a great first place to try!

Olivia H.


The first time I went, I was nervous because I've never had tuna poke before.  My mom and brother insisted!! that I give it a try.  I did.  It was, the best, most refreshing, most satisfying, most aesthetically pleasing tuna poke!! I've gone back 3 separate times now.  I've taken friends.  My boyfriend loves to go for "sushi in a bowl."  AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE is always. On. Point.

Marcus L.


I was very surprised.  First time at this place and was definitely something different then what I usually try.  The place was very clean.  The staff were very nice and pleasant as well.  Trying something new, I am also concern if the staff will think I am asking too many questions but they were very helpful and offered many suggestions.  The food was soooo great and fresh!  I don't typically like cold food like seafood salad or tuna, but everything mixed together was amazing!  I ate everything!  Great environment, great food, and great staff, oh and they had a patio where you can eat outside during nice sunny weather.

Chris s.


I'm experienced in the way of Poke.  I've mastered my combinations and layering to get the best flavor without overpowering any of the other ingredients!  I've been back here twice and decided to review before returning.

A few things stand out to me.  They offer more bases than I've seen at other places.  If you haven't checked the photos of the menu they offer carrot rice (white rice), brown rice, cauliflower, mixed greens, kale and veggie noodles.  The cauliflower is $1 extra.  Worth it if you like cauliflower.  Here's the thing that comes from left field.  They offer beef!  I've never had beef in a poke bowl.  I was able to sample it and it tasted great.  Not over done and juicy.  I can't wait to go back and incorporate it into a new poke bowl creation.

I like Sweet Tuna, they've refreshed an already fresh dish for me.  I'll definitely come here again.

mOLLY a.


Sweet Tuna has drained my bank account because I simply can’t stop coming back. It is the sushi version of Chipotle. They have great options, kind employees, and ample seating with both indoor/outdoor options. I’d love to see more pacific island drink options and more decor since the restaurant has quite an industrial feel. Simply put — if you’re a sushi fan, come over to the dark side of poke. Choose your own ingredients, sauces, and textures and enjoy.

Heather G.


As an out-of-towner always looking for a new place to try, this is amazing! At home, poke bars are not as mainstream as they are here in Atlanta. It’s a shame, really. But, I got my fix here, two days in a row! Portions are huge, and I highly recommend the choose-your-own style bowl for the variety and number of choices you are able to make. As previously stated in other posts, the vast amount of ingredients make this a great choice for those with dietary restrictions. Close to shopping, hotels, grocery, it’s a great place to grab a quick bite. Even my 9 year old agreed!

Ella L.


Best Poke ever!!! I am a huge fan of sushi - all kinds of it but I personally am very picky about freshness of sushi. If sushi even seems just slight less fresh, I refuse to eat it. But the sushi here (the one that goes in the bowl) is extremely fresh! The other ingredients are very fresh as well. I recommend the carrot rice as a base — does not have an overwhelming taste of carrots- just the right amount of sweet. You can choose the portion you want and I think they give you a lot! I always feel so full but because of the fresh ingredients, I do not seem to get a food coma. Love that feeling! The soda there is also some form of healthy no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavoring so it pairs well with the poke bowl.

I recommend getting the Yukke and Yum Yum sauce as the topping sauce! I have had poke in Hawaii numerous times but this beats them by a mile. 100% recommend!!

Andrew B.


Okay, so this right here is my new spot. I've been getting tired of my healthy lunch options around Perimeter of late, and was going to start *gasp* bringing my lunch to work everyday...
Nope. Not any more. Take my money, Sweet Tuna! Tons of tasty options here!