About US


What is Poke?

If you live in any major city, you may have caught wind of the current craze regarding Poke (pronounced POKE-KAY). Although quite a recent phenomenon (for us at least), Poke has been around for centuries -- and for good reason. This classic Hawaiian dish serves cubed raw fish, served atop steamed rice, seasoned any way you want it.

Healthy? Check. Delicious? Check.

With 8 choices of protein, and 8 potential toppings to match, the combinations are endless. Finish off with your sauce of choice(s) and enjoy your fresh Hawaiian dish in the heart of Atlanta!

Our Mission

Sushi has become a staple in modern dining, but amidst our busy lives, having the leisurely sit down experience is often not an option. We believe that fast food does not have to be synonymous with "unhealthy." Our mission is to bridge that gap and to offer our customers a healthy yet delicious alternative.

Health & Well-Being

Gluten free and made in house, all of our sauces are crafted with only the highest quality ingredients available. With backgrounds in fine dining, we pride ourselves in our ability to handle premium raw fish.